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Auto Blog Income System – Business Review

Auto Blog Income System by John Smiley, found at, is a business blogging system package that comes with WordPress plugins and Adsense themes and easy to follow instructions ready to install into your company blog website so you can monetize your content.

Using multiple plugins in your business WordPress blogsite enables fast content updates, and relevant ads displays. Auto Blog Income System created a straightforward package that is ready to install. The program includes all the plug-ins, WordPress installation, and Adsense themes all ready to set up on your server.

The step by step instructions are included in pdf manual and video format. Once installed, you will be ready to start building the blogsite with content for Affiliate programs, and Adsense monetization. You can have your blogsite ready to go in about an hour.

Auto Blog Income System is mainly for those who are either new to blogging or just don’t want to spend time searching for the right plugins to use. Even those who have been using WordPress blogs may learn some new tricks on getting their blogs up on the search engines.

Auto Blog Income System does automatic posting through RSS feeds that are relevant to your blog and may be syndicated in places. In this instance, you should really look for alternate URLs to get feeds from. Don’t only rely on their link because as many others use the same feeds which generates more duplicates.

Generally speaking, Auto Blog Income System may be a way to add more content to your blogs parsed throughout your own posts but if you already use affiliate programs plugins, and are posting regularly then this won’t be all that helpful to you.

Truthfully, it’s difficult to make money with Autoblogging these days, at least from Google. I’m not sure about the other search engines, as I haven’t tested them myself in a while. If you do test Auto Blog Income System, put the sites on different servers than any main site you may own. Things have really changed quite a bit since I was testing autobloging back in 2008.

With penguin and panda, the field is a lot different to play on now, and it looks like his course is from 2007/2008. I’d be skeptical about that type of system working now. As to whether autoblogging works in general you can go ahead and test for yourself, but if you don’t know what you’re doing try something more effective with better instructions than Auto Blog Income System.

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