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Aspire – Digital Altitude Review

by David Harris

Aspire – Digital Altitude by Michael Force and found at, is a questionable marketing and traffic generation training system.

It claims they will make you successful in 6 steps to 6 figures, as their hype claims.

In reality, all Aspire is really about is just one component of several designed to train you to sell and set up downline recruitment.

As part of the company structure, the join fees for Aspire – Digital Altitude range from $37, $67 and $127.

This is on a per month basis to get access to their business training videos, coaches, products, merchant & payroll services, networking, support, and live chat for your business websites.

That is just one product of Aspire – Digital Altitude.

There are more than they suggest you take on in concert with Aspire, and they are very expensive.

All for a network marketing business model that doesn’t always work.

In fact, the failure rate of an MLM business is 98% to 99% factor.

The product fees begin with Aspire then go on to climb with Base at $597 enrollment, Rise, at $1997, Ascend at $9,997, Peak at $16,997, and Apex at $16,997.

You cannot make money with this system unless you have paid these exorbitant fees just to get their training.

Most of these higher ticket items consist of week long seminars you have to attend somewhere.

So if you are paying so much for seminars you would still have to spend more on travel and lodgings to get there.

In this particular case, their claim of you making six figures in less than a week seems absurd at best and ludicrous at worst.

You would have to invest tens of thousands of dollars just to be able to try and make money at Aspire – Digital Altitude.

Already we don’t ever recommend MLM as a way of making money.

So this program, with its very expensive prices is too much for our readers who are looking to make money from home through online business opportunities that won’t break their bank and savings.

When it comes down to it, all these components are just made to teach you how to promote Aspire – Digital Altitude by ultimately recruiting others to grow your downline if they could afford to.

Their trick is to lure you in with a one dollar trial offer for 2 weeks.

The problem is that you get charged almost 40 every month after unless you cancel.

The red flag in all this is that they make you call and talk to one of their high pressure “counselors/coaches”.

These are just aggressive boiler room sales floor people who will try to convince you to not only stay but to buy more upsells.

All just to be in an MLM most people will want to steer clear of no matter how good your training will get you up to speed to try to recruit them.

If you pass on getting up to the higher levels, you don’t make commissions from selling them or recruiting other people to them.

The profits pass you up to your “sponsors”.

It is the usual mode of operation for schemes like this.

Aspire – Digital Altitude puts pressure on you to upgrade or get put in their rearview mirror by the side of their highway.

It is a dodgy system at best and scammy at worst.

Most systems like this don’t stay around very long, but just enough for the owners to clean up while no one else makes much money.

We’ve seen and taken down enough of these to know that many of our previous articles here at ScamXposer show that quite a bunch of them are now out of business.

Those that aren’t out of business have tons of complaints registered against them as well.

There are enough unhappy customers of Aspire – Digital Altitude that they ended up in our sights to expose.

I found it irritatingly amusing that the only photos of successful people on the sales presentation are only of the owner and his family, not a single one of any customer/distributor.

That speaks volumes.

This is definitely not for anyone just starting out in the online home business opportunity ventures available at more affordable rates, as one could lose a lot of money, effort, and time trying.

We do not recommend Aspire – Digital Altitude.

We’re not calling it a scam either, but it’s as close to one as it can be.

Thanks for reading our Aspire – Digital Altitude review.




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Jeannie Taylor on :

I’m so glad they got shut down. They should give back people’s money, like me. Was a total rip-off.


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