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Angela Bussio

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Angela Bussio Review

by David Harris

To me, Angela Bussio is a dichotomy.

On the one hand, she does seem to be an intelligent, thoughtful, legitimate personality who has some good things to say and tries to accomplish something of actual value in peoples’ lives.

I feel as though she is successful at that in several areas of her life.

On the other hand, she has been, is, and continues to be a spokesperson for companies and people who absolutely do harm to others; ripping them off, and causing financial and emotional pain.

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This is one of the most difficult “reviews” I have ever written.

Let’s start with her background information and accomplishments.

Angela Bussio graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

She hosts an Internet-based radio show, and was a regular personality on television station KJZZ-TV in Utah on a show called “Home Team”.

Angela was a co-author (one of 34 co-authors) of a best-selling book called “How Did You Do That!: Stories of Going For It”.

She is accredited as an Energy Psychology Therapist and a Master Rapid Eye Technician.

Angela Bussio is a member of the “Experts Industry Association” and the “Women’s Information Network”, and is the Utah State Representative for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

She is the founder and CEO of “Attracting Joy, LLC” – which has an A Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

A business she runs through Attracting Joy LLC is Real Stress Solutions at, which she calls an online stress reduction and management service.

She is a “life coach”, and has created several online programs including The Science of Attracting Joy, Design My Destiny, and the report Top 10 Stress Solutions.

Angela Bussio is also the founder and President of a non-profit charity Abundant Harvest Farms which owns Nanonom Farms and is a self-sustainable farm project in Ghana, Africa.

So this is the type of stuff I’m talking about when I write about Angela Bussio’s legitimacy.

She does indeed appear to me to be a person who cares.

This is why it completely stumps me why she allows her name to be associated with the types of work-at-home businesses she is involved with as a spokesperson.

What are these “business opportunities” she is the spokesperson for?

She’s working for/with Phillip Gannuscia entities.

Originally she was the spokesperson for “Home Profit Masters” and is now featured prominently on the newer version of the same thing – “Profit Masters Academy”.

There are multiple names of the same entity leading to the same endpoint.

Gannuscia has had issues with the FTC before – he settles and starts it all up again with new names.

He’s still doing it – and to many, that’s a source of frustration.

However it does seem as if the overburdened FTC is making recent progress and catching up to more of these scam companies and their methods.

Home Profit Masters is the first Gannuscia company Angela Bussio was the spokesperson for.

It’s no secret amongst people that follow home businesses that particular company was intentionally misleading people, and their real service was to line their own pockets as much as they could by using already-exposed deceptive practices, before changing a name here and there with the same fraudulent practices intact as people exposing their scheme would catch up to them.

As of the writing of this review (August 2012), her latest Gannuscia spokesperson venture is for the above stated “Profit Masters Academy”.

Here is a small list I compiled of other deceptive ventures/websites/business entities Gannuscia was or is involved with – all in the last few years:

Home Profit Academy,,, eVenture International,,,,,,,,, DS Development LLC, Drop Ship Development, LLC, Search and Social, LLC, Clicks To Cash System aka Search and Social, LLC, Stay At Home Income aka Search and Social LLC, Home Income Cash Machine aka Search and Social LLC,,, Vensure International, LLC,, Novus North, LLC aka YES International,, Stay At Home Income LLC, Income Masters Institute,, Search and Social Goldmine,, and as I said… this is only a partial list!

That alone doesn’t mean much, as there are plenty of successful people who have run multiple businesses.

That’s true… and would be a valid point.

But of these entities, everyone that has a Better Business Rating (not the end-all of deciding if a business is legitimate – but something to at least take into account?) has received an “F” grade, with the exception of the lone “good grade” [sarcasm] of D+ given to Vensure International.

And again… that’s the good one!

OK. If that’s the best rating on the list – go-ahead – run a Google search of Vensure International yourself and see all the complaints of people losing up to well over $10,000 with their company.

Do keep in mind that company got the best rating I could find of any Gannuscia-related company.

In a 2011 complaint I found, a representative from Vensure International through “My Stay at Home Income” responded to a particular claimant saying they would not refund any money because, amongst other things, after 3 days their contract states no money would be refunded; once an exchange of products/services (the online information) has occurred no money would be refunded; since the product is proprietary in cannot be returned; and many other reasons Vensure should not have to be held accountable.

Since the credit card info is given as “card not present”, they record your call and take your electronic signature to make sure they are covered and don’t have to refund you a thing if you are not satisfied.

This particular Gannuscia company process seems to repeat itself with every company he is involved with listed above.

In 2010, another Gannuscia company, Drop Ship Development LLC, was the focus of government action when the Utah Division of Consumer Protection issued a citation against them, which he again settled… agreeing to comply with numerous stipulations.

Gannuscia has so far been able to simply settle cases, and then continue to use questionable practices all the while making a ton of money.

But I’m going off track a bit as this is a review of Angela Bussio’s involvement as the spokesperson for Home Profit Masters and Profit Masters Academy.

I wanted to point out Bussio’s spokesperson activities were both with Phillip Gannuscia companies, so I figured listing other ventures by the same person would be relevant.

I reiterate the point that Angela Bussio herself is in many ways a legitimate, real person who in my informed, thoroughly researched opinion is either not doing her due diligence in seeing who/what she is promoting (the best case scenario) or is indeed complicit with Phillip Gannuscia in ripping people off (the worst-case scenario).

Back to Bussio’s involvement with Home Profit Masters.

By the way, Home Profit Masters aka Online Profit Masters is one of the Gannuscia companies with an “F” rating from BBB.

Their listed address is 1780 W 9000 S PMB 315, West Jordan, UT 84088-6501. “PMB”?

PMB stands for “Personal Mail Box”.

So if you were to go see what they were up to, you wouldn’t find much there.

You would, however, find a lot of information on Home Profit Masters if you ran another Google search, as Home Profit Masters is one of the more notorious, well-known home business scams there are.

(I’ve done a review of them as well.)

You can find some positive reviews of Home Profit Masters, but if you look at the site addresses they are often by the company itself.

This is common practice with scam entities.

You could also find some (not many) positive comments about Home Profit Masters on reputable review sites, though they are generally vague and often the IP address traces the commenter back to the chain of Gannuscia-related businesses in that case as well.

If someone truly can show me actual people who have made $50,000+ a year just posting links with education they received from Home Profit Masters or Profit Masters Academy, I’d love to see that – and see verifiable proof!

Home Profit Masters is most often reached from the type of fake news sites that the FTC dislikes so much and is starting to crack down on, and is, in fact, the very type of thing that Angela Bussio’s name is on.

In this case, the fake news site Finance Reports had a (made up, used over and over again) story by Kelly Richards (or many other fake names) where you could click on her Home Profit System, which took you to Angela Bussio on a site with Jane Simmons (fake name), espousing in this case Home Profit Masters.

Currently the names are changed and Finance Reports takes you to Home Profit System with Angela Bussio touting the program and Katie Smith espousing Profit Masters Academy.

Same stories, different names – except for Angela Bussio.

The fake news site names themselves which take you to Home Profit Masters / Profit Masters Academy also constantly change – like Home Jobs Manual, News Daily 7, Weekly Jobs Report, etc.

It’s not new. A large number of the claims on these sites (including both the Bussio-promoted Home Profit Masters and Profit Masters Academy) are still the exact same claims made by a company that used spokesperson “Angela Penbrook” for “Penbrook Productions” and “Make You Famous Consulting, Inc”.

That company had a complaint filed against them by the Federal Trade Commission in 2009.

A $7,600,000 judgment was entered against the defendants in 2010 but was settled with numerous stipulations of compliance.

Again, that was not against Bussio or Gannuscia but was indeed a judgment against a work-at-home scam company from which much of the exact same, often verbatim claims are made on sites that lead to Home Profit Masters and Home Profit Academy.

An interesting claim – even though the Penbrook Productions scam involved rebate processing as opposed to the Bussio-promoted sites that are typical bogus link posting claims – is one from the Home Profit Masters which said if you were to post 15 links in one hour each day, you would make $58,000 a year if you worked one hour a day, five days a week!

With the Penbrook Productions scam, all the numbers were the same – the only difference being they said you made it by processing rebates instead of posting links.

Interesting: in the newest version on Profit Masters Academy they changed it to read like this:

“Let’s do the math: 10 links for $15 each equals $150. That’s $150 for 60-minutes of work! If you do this five days a week, you can make $1,050 a week… $4,200 a month… and $50,400 a year!”

It’s not interesting to me that they made it appear more believable by bringing the annual money down about 8 grand… it’s just funny that some genius said: “Let’s do the math” and come up with the idea making $150 a week 5 days a week totals $1,050!

Really?! 5×150 equals 1,050 now?!

Is that the new math I keep hearing about?!… because I was taught in grade school 5×150 = 750.

Which would only amount to a paltry $36,000 a year. Bummer!

There’s also a graph contending at $3,000 a month you’d make $39,000 a year.

Really again?!… so now there’s 13 months in a year?

Or is that a “baker’s year”?

They do have paragraphs and charts all over the Home Profit Academy site, and often get the math technically correct, though still wildly exaggerated claims of course.

The point is the site is misleading in the first place, because as everyone who knows anything about link-posting, you don’t make $15 for simply posting a link.

This is the whole point… everything is misleading!

Angela Bussio is promoting deceptive multi-named companies who are using the same fake news sites, fake testimonials, non-secure order pages with fake security seals, fake people under stock photos telling made up/false stories about simple programs that made them rich with little or no knowledge, ability, or time invested that supposedly changed their lives for the better in ways that were completely unimaginable.

And all this information is worth over $2,000 (on her promoted sites), but you can have it all for only $249.95!


More financial strategists were consulted, and you can have it for $97 now! And you even get a copy of Angela Bussio’s latest book: “5 Secrets to Turn Stress into Success”.

If you decide you don’t want it, when you try to click out of the site it will offer it to you for $77.

Still don’t want it? Try to click out again: you then get 50 bucks off and can get it for $47. Yippee.

Thank you Home Profit Masters and/or Profit Masters Academy.

Perhaps you’re thinking “how bad can it be?… I’m only risking $47?!”. Well, no… that’s to get your foot in the door.

It’s a “bait and switch” operation.

Purchasing the original product from the sites such as Home Profit Masters and Profit Masters Academy gets you a phone call.

And from there they find out how much credit you have on your credit card, claim you need to spend a much larger amount of money to do this right and succeed (often the amount of credit you have left), and this is where/how they make their big money, all recorded so if you get into this you are unlikely to be able to get out.

I have a question.

Whatever happened to the claim that it would only take $47-97 and an hour a day to make over fifty thousand dollars a year posting links with no experience?!

For that matter, if Angela Bussio truly endorses these companies – and I’ve seen emails from her site’s email address saying she indeed is a spokesperson for them and finds them to be both large and legitimate – why does she never (that I can find – and I’ve searched and searched) mention that on any of her personally owned websites?

Nothing on her main site… nothing on her site… nothing on any video of her except the video at top of both Home Profit Masters and Profit Masters Institute.

She constantly talks of spirituality, positivity, reducing stress, and things like being the best you can be.

She admits she is the spokesperson for these Gannuscia ventures – but she doesn’t think his companies would help people enough to mention them in the other areas of her life?

Why not?

Is her compensation that good that she would just turn a blind eye to what is going on?

In another email purportedly from Angela forwarded to me, she states she is not making any money off the program herself and was not even paid to do the promo.

However, she did say they have helped her with her web traffic going to her online businesses.

I can see how someone – anyone – having increased traffic and adding to Angela’s online visibility can have great value, no question.

But I want to ask this of Angela Bussio:

Is it truly worth it?

Have you seriously checked out these companies you are allowing yourself to be tied to?

And by checking them out I mean not simply asking Phil Gannuscia, taking a tour of their building, etc., and accepting everything they tell you?

Because, Angela, if you indeed haven’t done your due diligence, and decide to continue lending your personal credibility to Gannuscia to make him and his companies appear legitimate in a trade-off for visibility… is it worth it?

Or does it go against the rest of what it is you appear to stand for?

I say these things with no malice to you, Angela, and a clear conscience.

I do hope you will look again at what you are involved with.

My “take” is you are a good person who is being taken advantage of by someone who does not share your desire to make a positive difference in this world.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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Thanks for the insight and your due diligence.
I think it was kind of you to suggest that Angela may not have known that the businesses endorsed are indeed taking advantage of people. I have no doubt that Angela is aware and knows exactly what she’s doing!
Regretfully ,I was involved with selling a non-tangible service, placating on people’s loneliness, commanding a investment in themselves in order to be successful in relationships. I believe that this is quite similar. In the company I worked for,we also ran credit checks and adjusted our price accordingly. People need to educate themselves, we need to let the public know!
Thank you for your review, I will pass it along.


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