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Affiliate Project X

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Affiliate Project X Review

by David Harris

“Affiliate Project X”, by Chris McNeeney, found at, is a questionable affiliate marketing eBook system.

Affiliate Project X has been around for a long time.

It used to be hyped as a marketer’s ‘missing link’ many years ago, then it was discovered that there were a lot of missing factors in it.

That was surprising as Affiliate Project X cost a lot of money to join, especially since there are far cheaper products available online that offer more information for your buck.

At $197 dollars, Affiliate Project X is not worth the fare, and it is certainly not recommended for the beginner at all since there are no basic step by step lessons in the eBook.

Always suspect are the pop up discounts lowering the price when you try to exit.

The lowest they offer Affiliate Project X for on the last gimmick is $77, which is still too much.

Intermediate level marketers might get a small chunk of info here and there, but nothing that hasn’t been seen elsewhere since the inception of Affiliate Project X.

I won’t say that Affiliate Project X is a scam nor will I say it’s a completely terrible product, but it just doesn’t deliver on the promises on its website.

The more advanced marketers may get a tiny bit of use out of Affiliate Project X even though by now they’ll most likely have this knowledge at their fingertips.

The information included in the Affiliate Project X eBook deals with certain aspects of affiliate marketing in which you don’t have to create or own products to succeed.

With affiliate marketing there is also no need to have inventory or support for it.

You basically advertise for the clients through online ads via AdSense, AdWords and other methods.

Affiliate Project X does explain how commissions are made by being an affiliate marketer for others, however, as stated before, you can find this information elsewhere for more competitive prices.

Chris McNeeney is also known for previous eBooks such as “AdWords Miracle”, and others since like “Day Job Killer”, and many of its contents are repeated in Affiliate Project X.

There are some techniques that no longer work and may be in violation of Google updates and Clickbank TOS provisions, so that is a big red flag against Affiliate Project X.

Some of these Affiliate Project X gimmicks include refund offers and bonuses that appear shady.

Another thing about the eBook is its lack of new updates that fix outdated techniques like link cloaking for example.

Not many people have reported making any money with Affiliate Project X, and in fact, many have expressed their disappointment in the booklet’s ability to have any useful marketing revelations.

The only ones who might give Affiliate Project X a good review are those who are its own affiliates looking to sell through their sales links, so beware.

At the very least, if you do happen to buy it, you can get your money back through Clickbank if the owners of do not give refunds out.

Affiliate Project X is a waste of your valuable money and will not help you make any money with affiliate marketing, and it might just get you banned by using its questionable practices.

I cannot in good conscience recommend Affiliate Project X as it is a pretty useless product now.

A bit of warning – the site is still up and running with another expensive new product rehash called Affiliate Bombshell X, so I would avoid that as well.

*Note: Since this review was written, ClickBank has stopped the sale of Affiliate Project X through its portal, so I can definitely warn you not to buy it under any other service, but the Affiliate Bombshell X is still being pushed.

I do not recommend Affiliate Project X or its latest regurgitated eBook, Affiliate Bombshell X as a way to make money online from home with affiliate marketing.

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