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Adsense Secrets 5 Review

by David Harris

Adsense Secrets 5, Joel Comm, has been an Internet entrepreneur since 1995. While he own a series of content-based sites that provide value to the web, He is best known as the author of the New York Times Best Seller, “The AdSense Code” and the Host and Executive Producer of the world’s first competitive Internet reality show, “The Next Internet Millionaire”.

In June 2003, He signed up with Google AdSense, and did what many others do. He simply took the code from the AdSense site and pasted it onto my web site. And then He did what many others undoubtedly do as well. I wondered why I wasn’t making any money. The day He cracked The AdSense Code…

But then He got smart. He suspected that He was leaving money on the table, so He began testing my AdSense code using completely legitimate means. What He found changed his life.

From just $30 per day, He had ‘Shot Up’ To $500 PER DAY with just a few tiny changes the majority of AdSense users didn’t even know about. His first 5+ figure check was for $11,823.65.

Time and time again we’re asked by our members about where they should go to get the absolute best information on how to build a highly profitable Online business that creates passive residual income.

My answer is always; contextual advertising from sources such as Google’s Adsense ad program.

Why? Because I consistantly make $1000s every month from the Google Adsense ads I have posted on my own websites.

Adsense Secrets 5 is the most comprehensive Google Adsense Marketing package available on the Internet today… period!

I also highly recommend Joel Comm’s free newsletter as well as his new Adsense Premier products.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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