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7 Day Cash Money

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7 Day Cash Money Review

by David Harris

“7 Day Cash Money”, by Jean and found at, is an affiliate marketing training course that offers a way to use Google Adsense and Clickbank banners to make money when visitors click on the ads.

It is basically a link posting service. That’s boiling it down rather simplistically, but I will elaborate in a moment. Here are a few of the services 7 Day Cash Money provides in their system.

7 Day Cash Money provides you with more than 300 websites which are really just landing pages full of Google and Clickbank banner ads you hope visitors will click on so you can make money.

Once traffic goes to your 7 Day Cash Money sites, you only earn money when someone clicks one of the Google ads without even having to make a purchase.

As for the Clickbank banners, visitors not only have to click on the banner, but also buy the item advertised in order for you to make a commission.

The main challenge is getting traffic to your pages. This is something 7 Day Cash Money does not show you how to generate, and this is the most difficult part of the deal.

If your sites don’t have content that can generate organic search engine traffic then you have to do the work to generate the traffic you must have on your own. That is easier said than done.

Getting traffic to a website or two is difficult enough. Try getting traffic to over 300 websites. Just because 7 Day Cash Money provides all those websites that does not mean you will make any money because you have to invest more money to drive the traffic you need to your site.

Unless you already know how to generate massive volumes of traffic you will have a tough time earning any commissions with 7 Day Cash Money. Spending almost a hundred bucks to join is quite a risky proposition.

While I don’t consider 7 Day Cash Money to be a scam, it is not a good way to earn money if you don’t know what you’re doing already. Most of you are starting out, and this system is for the more experienced marketers.

I also find it curious that the owner does not provide a last name, but that’s beside the point. I do not recommend 7 Day Cash Money for the novice marketer.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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