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6 Figure Tool Kit

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6 Figure Tool Kit Review

by David Harris

“6 Figure Tool Kit”, now called 12 Minute Paydays and formerly called Commission Fast Start by Justin James and found at and, is a typical internet marketing training course gimmick.

The fact that it changes names so many times is one big red flag to watch out for as it’s very inconsistent.

6 Figure Tool Kit includes all our favorite vagaries and elusive language starting with the useless video introduction that goes on and on for 15 minutes, down to the disclaimers at the bottom of the site page.

After telling you how easy it is to set up, they decide to skip how the rest will go by calling the other steps top secret.

These so-called secret steps are just selling you more options, after you sign up, at a minimum $30 a pop each.

The intro video hypes you up in such a lukewarm way that I can’t see how anybody would be interested in.

It’s all is completely different from the disclaimer telling you that you most likely may not be all that successful with 6 Figure Tool Kit.

The disclaimer also tells you they sell your info to other clients who will call you to get you to buy other programs until you get to the point where you want to change your number.

Neither the program you’d buy from 6 Figure Tool Kit, nor the salespeople who follow with upsells will tell you anything about what their process is.

I don’t know about you, but if I am going to spend any money to invest in any business, I want to at least see their Mission statement if not their business plan.

I not their business plan at least some information about the company before you take me straight to the buy page without even a handshake.

Somehow, in this field of internet marketing, they figure you’ll just jump at any chance to make easy money quick without kicking the tires first.

6 Figure Tool Kit is not selling anything revolutionary or mind blowing.

In fact, if you try to get out and click on the stay on this page every time it pops up, it eventually leads you to products from one of the worst perpetrators of internet marketing, Anthony Morrison, whose scams we’ve reviewed elsewhere on our site.

6 Figure Tool Kit is not the first site Justin James has put up that lasts for a year or less, each time to restart his money siphoning machine every time.

How it works is that they show you a hyped up yet vague video for 15 minutes of lame graphics and stale voiceover followed by an actress playing a satisfied customer.

Then 6 Figure Tool Kit pops the email opt-in to direct you right to the sales page which puts a $47 order in your shopping cart. Again, without having known just what it is you’d be spending your money on.

Try to get out and it cuts the price to $9, then down to free until they start hawking other products until the site has no more offers to throw at you and you exit.

Believe me, once you exit 6 Figure Tool Kit, don’t go back. It’s not exactly a scam, but I do not recommend you spend a dime on this.

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