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5 Minute Mogul

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5 Minute Mogul

by David Harris

“5 Minute Mogul”, by Kimball Roundy and found at, is a marketing system designed to be automated, by using their affiliate program in tandem with other affiliate programs they will sell you after you join, using questionable marketing techniques.

First, you should know there are no 5 minute ‘get rich quick’ schemes that ever end up in your favor, and 5 Minute Mogul promises to be no different.

At $49 a month that makes it something for us to see if the fee is justifiable. That is just the startup fee. For it to be effective in any way you would have to buy and integrate a system called Pure Leverage.

You would end up spending more like $400 a month for some time or more before ever seeing a profit, and that is far longer than the 5 minutes that 5 Minute Mogul boasts of.

Another important thing you will need to work the 5 Minute Mogul system is experience in online marketing, but they don’t really tell you that up front. You will also need to be well familiarized with social network marketing.

5 Minute Mogul won’t train you in starting up a successful internet venture either, so you may end up a bit lost if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are just starting out, this system may be confusing.

Much of what 5 Minute Mogul is about deals with involves spamming social networks with ads. Other systems by Roundy have been deemed problematic and frowned upon by nearly all the big search engines such as Google.

Be careful of systems that can get you banned, and also be wary of systems that claim their system is free, no money needed, and only 5 minutes of your time needed daily. They’re about as rare as a unicorn.

By the time you’re done buying all the corresponding systems that supposedly go with 5 Minute Mogul you’ll have forked out over $1000 without any guarantee you’d make any money.

Because of all this, 5 Minute Mogul is something I would not only be wary of recommending to beginners, but for experienced marketers, I say there are better traffic systems out there.

Thanks for reading

– David



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