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5 In 5 Now Review

by David Harris

5 In 5 Now, found at, is a paid surveys, or get paid to take surveys website that is free to join but it does have its share of concerns that have plagued many of its users.

We have taken a look at this business and share our findings with you here.

We start with the 5 In 5 Now business model.

First, taking surveys and panels for money will not even come a country mile or ten to anything close to what might pass for making a living.

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It’s a hobby at best.

At worst, it’s in situations like this one that you will be inundated by spam from their third party partners who buy your personal data from them.

Then as if those weren’t enough red flags, there’s the fact that you will jump through way too many hoops for a meager bit of rewards in return.

Then you will soon be worn out and realize it’s not worth the time and trouble to go through a hundred surveys of which you only qualify about a quarter of the time.

Now we take on the fact that many people have publicly lodged complaints online citing lack of compensation for their troubles.

Then there’s the address listed on their contact page, which actually belongs to an insurance company that has no idea who 5 In 5 Now is nor do the Better Business Bureau.

They have a 20 dollar ‘bonus’ for answering several rounds of surveys that start getting more invasive on wanting more personal info from you, so then you feel like canceling.

This is when you find out that customer support is nil to zilch.

It becomes like a virus when you try to cancel your account.

I say virus because no matter what you do, something always comes back and grows even if you canceled your opt-in on the 10 to 20 survey companies 5 In 5 Now works with that track you.

So not only will you get unbelievable spam from 5 In 5 Now.

But you’ll also get it from those other companies and so on.

Beware the free lunch.

Even though 5 In 5 Now is free to join, you really should think twice (or even thrice) before signing up with a survey aggregate like them.

Truth is that when you join survey groups like this one, you will be taking surveys from wherever they find them, so some of those companies will charge a fee to join.

If none of these red flags do anything for you, then the bit about making very small amounts here and there for a large chunk of your time should do it, I expect.

I have made it clear enough, I hope, that I do not recommend getting involved with them.

I do not recommend “5 In 5 Now” because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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