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40/80 Method

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Type of Business:Marketing System for MCA
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Income Potential:$500 - $10,000+ per month

40/80 Method Review

No longer doing business.

4080 Method was a front-end marketing system for a home based business opportunity called MCA, which in case you were wondering is NOT an MLM business!

Inside “40-80 Method” there was a video of a young mother (24 years old) of 2 kids named Krystal that has made over $20,000 in 9 weeks doing this.

She narrated a video showing proof of how much she has made with MCA on a weekly basis.

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It shows her logged into her account, not just some screenshot image like you see as proof on a lot of income opportunity websites.

I would call her the epitome of the “average work at home mom” as she had no special training or skills before getting involved in this MCA opportunity.

It’s really nice to see something that is working for the average person trying to make money from home.

MCA is a very well established company that has millions of customers nationwide and has excellent products everyone could use, though they are only marketing the most expensive, premium product that costs $40 to start.

The thing that makes this opportunity so unique is that it pays out an advanced commission of $80 on every $40 sale, hence 40/80 Method.

They also pay out $6 for every sale your direct referrals make.

Yes, no MLM here, it’s just a 2 tier affiliate program. There is also a residual monthly income built into this as well.

The marketing system 4080Method does all the selling and telling for you with short videos.

You will have access to a professional built website to market the business with – no need to build your own.

All you need to do is advertise, but being that that is the hardest part for many people, how to find people to sell this to, they have a huge advertising resource center that shows you exactly how to drive huge amounts of traffic to your business in a very short time.

How have I done so far?

In a very short time, I was in the 4080 Method + MCA, I made more money quicker than anything else I’ve tried before it.

Sad to say, they have gone out of business.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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