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Send Earnings

Send Earnings Review by David Harris “Send Earnings” is a paid emails/surveys website service company owned by InboxDollars Corp., that provides ways to make a little extra income through reading emails, taking surveys, playing online games, etc. Send Earnings claims they will pay you $5 just for signing up with them, but it will take a couple months before you see it. In fact, ‘Send Earnings’ will only pay you 2 cents per email that you read by opening up …

Business and Income Opportunity Scam Reviews

Can You Tell the Difference Between an Online Income Opp Scam and Real, Legitimate Internet Business or Income Opportunity? I sure couldn’t when I first started my trek to making money on the Internet way back in 1999. Sadly, there are now well over 100 times as many scams, rip-offs & cons than back then. In this day & age (The Information Age), it’s very difficult to tell a legitimate Internet business opportunity from an outright make money online business …



Home Based Business Reviews

Here’re our reviews of the most popular Internet home based businesses, income opportunities & online jobs. All of the reviews you see on this site are a result of our personal research. Only a very small fraction of the business programs we review will get a Positive Recommendation. If you would like to see a critique of a certain Internet income or home based business opportunity, we’ll sign up for or purchase it, test it, and review it for you. …

Project Payday

Project Payday Review *** PROJECT PAYDAY IS NOW OUT OF BUSINESS *** by David Harris “Project PayDay” was a leading online home business that I used to have success with, but it’s now out of business. Please disregard the rest of this review as they are no longer in service… As I continually state, the businesses I recommend in the Recommended Businesses page are ones that I have tested and succeeded with and Project Payday was among the top ones …

About Us

Hi! My name is David Harris and I’ve been on the internet since 1999. Just like you, through trial and error I’ve had my fair share of lost money ‘scams’ and broken promises. It seemed like one after another! All I’ve ever wanted was a fighting chance at making money online so I could spend more time with my two young kids instead of having to battle the daily rush hour traffic. I have since been making a very good …


Below are some of the websites that I have found to be very useful in my search for legitimate online businesses. CPA Networks


Has ScamXposer Helped You? If ScamXposer has helped you from being taken advantage of by an online scheme then we want to hear from you! Please write a quick testimonial to let others know how ScamXposer has saved you money! Write & Submit a Testimonial Now Here are just a handful of the Testimonials that have been submitted…


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Recommended Opportunities

Aside from exposing the hordes of scams & worthless business ventures on the Internet, we have made it our mission to provide you the absolute best, legitimate Internet business income opportunities available anywhere Online. You can rest assured that you won’t be getting ripped off & that you can finally start making the money you deserve. Here are our recommended Internet home based businesses, income opportunities & online jobs. All of the reviews you see on this site are a …
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