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Tube Launch

Tube Launch Review by David Harris Tube Launch, by Julie Williams and found at, is a questionable training course. It involves a marketing method in tandem with the most visited internet video website, YouTube. This company allegedly pays you to upload 3rd party videos on the site through your own account. However, there is a $34 dollar fee to join. There are a few problems with this method, however. First, there really is no need to pay anyone in …

Fast Cash Commissions

Fast Cash Commissions Scam Review by David Harris “Fast Cash Commissions” by Anthony Morrison, found at, is one of several Morrison products of highly questionable quality. However, this one was sold through Clickbank where you can get your money back through them, but it’s not anymore so there’s no guarantee of how trustworthy it now is, given Morrison’s troubled history. Forget the fact that Morrison has had a dark history and reputation as a scammer with investigations of his …
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