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Kim Swartz

Kim Swartz Scam Review by David Harris Probably one of the worst of them all, Kim Swartz is a phony character used quite frequently in website swindles known as the link posting scam. The name goes hand in hand every time with the fictional story about fictional single mothers who supposedly became successful by using the bogus business being peddled online. Kim Swartz is used quite often, and each time we and others expose the fraud, the scammers put up …

The Global Examiner

The Global Examiner Scam Review by David Harris The Global Examiner, by “Heather Morris”, and often as “Melissa Johnson” and “Kim Swartz” and found at, is a fraud newsletter that ultimately leads to a scam we exposed last year. This is yet another tactic these thieves use to give an old link posting con a new paint job. The fake working mom’s name is constantly changed. Recently it was changed to Melissa Johnson. The runners of the scam are …
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