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Viral Postcard System

Viral Postcard System by David Harris “Viral Postcard System”, by Kit Elliott and found at, is a multi-level marketing business and our regular readers already know our opinion here about MLMs. Those of you just getting here should know we frown on that model of marketing, but it’s not just our opinion, we base it on facts. Facts indicate that MLM has a 99% failure rate, and Viral Postcard is no different. Well, a little different, but still just …


Paid Surveys And More

Paid Surveys And More by David Harris “Paid Surveys And More”, by Kim Robbins and found at, is a paid surveys website scam. Paid Surveys And More claims you can make about $500 to over 3 grand a month just by completing tasks and referring people to the scam. First off, Paid Surveys And More charges you about $70 bucks to join, and in our opinion, that is $70 bucks too much to join a surveys website. Even the …