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Gano Excel

Gano Excel Review by David Harris | Updated on August 28, 2022, at 10:11 AM: Gano Excel is from Leow Soon Seng and found at GanoExcel is a specialty gourmet coffee company with a Multi-Level Marketing business model used to recruit people to recruit others. But our focus in this review is mainly on the network marketing aspect of any company that employs the MLM scheme to grow its numbers. The coffee product Gano Excel sells separates itself from …


Online TaskPays

Online TaskPays Review by David Harris Online TaskPays found at is a scam website that claims you can make over $1000 in your first week just by doing tasks they supposedly provide. However, the only real task they offer is to get others to join this scam under you at $25 a pop. Then when you reach the 300 dollar payout cap, you’re taking your chances that you won’t be paid. There were so many angry customers with similar …


Make Money Online

Make Money Online Review by David Harris “Make Money Online” by Heather Smith and found at is a new rehash of an old link posting job scam. By new rehash, we mean it’s a replication of last year’s Internet Profit with a new name and internet link. After the opt-in page, you are taken to a fictional tale of a made-up character named Heather Smith. This is alongside a stock photo taken from a public image site. The story …


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