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Internet Cash Academy

Internet Cash Academy Scam Review by David Harris “Internet Cash Academy”, by Stephanie Hale and found at, is yet another link posting scam hiding as an affiliate marketing school of sorts. Internet Cash Academy is neither academy nor any institute of learning. They use the usual tactic of a fabricated working mother who tells her success story. There are other darker tricks up Internet Cash Academy’s sleeve which I’ll explain further. The usual suspects are all here, including the …

Stephanie Hale

Stephanie Hale Scam Review by David Harris “Stephanie Hale” is a fictitious name for website scams that use the bait and switch con we call the link posting scam. It is a fake work from home trick that uses phony stories about fictional single mothers who supposedly became successful by using the bogus business being peddled online. Stephanie Hale is used quite often, and each time we and others expose the fraud, the scammers put up another new scam site, …
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