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Replace Your Job

Replace Your Job Scam Review by David Harris “Replace Your Job”, by Kelly Simmons and found at, is a rip off website known as a link posting scam. Replace Your Job, however, is a copied design from prior duplicate scam websites the scammers keep putting out as soon as the current ones are exposed. Chances are that Replace Your Job sent you an email message in your spam box and you found this review to see if they area …

Home Jobs Today

Home Jobs Today Review by David Harris “Home Jobs Today” by Kelly Scott and found at, is a website made to rip people off through a well-known scheme called the link posting scam. There are many scams online using the fictional working single mother named Kelly Scott (or whatever fake name they make up). They all look basically the same, except once in a while they change the stock photo to a different stock photo or even steal one …
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