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Online Jobs Now

Online Jobs Now Review by David Harris “Online Jobs Now”, by Kelly Simmons and found at is a website cooked up to defraud you of your money with a scheme known as the link posting scam. Many warning signs of a scam can be seen on the sales page of this website. Starting with the fictional working mother Kelly Simmons and her also a fake tale of rags to riches success. This woman does not exist in real life …

Secure Job Position

Secure Job Position Review by David Harris “Secure Job Position”, by Kelly Simmons and found at and, is a link posting scam site. It is so full of red flags and outright lies that you’ll be scratching your head as to how the internet keeps letting them get away with it. The lies begin with the website’s name. It is neither secure nor a job position. Nor will anyone ever make money with this scam. Every site like …
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