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Consumer Trends Today

Consumer Trends Today Review by David Harris Consumer Trends Today, by Megan Carlson and sometimes Theresa Andrews, Melissa Johnson or the fake name of the day. And found at,, or maybe some other link with similar names. This is with a byline by Mary Corbett, Charles Meyers, or some other made-up name. This is yet another fake news today site advertisement page for an awful link posting scam trap called Online Cash Commissions. Or other various names that …

Home Lifestyle Report

Home Lifestyle Report Scam Review by David Harris “Home Lifestyle Report”, by Jennifer Becker, with a “byline” by faker reporter Amanda Winston, and found at, is a bad fake advertisement web site page made to look like a news editorial for a redirect to a link posting scam called Earn At Home Club. Starting with this fake self proclaimed “advertorial”, Home Lifestyle Report considers this like an ad/editorial, hence their moniker for this scam ad. Then, there is the …
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