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Cash Crate

Cash Crate Review by David Harris “Cash Crate”, found at, is an online paid surveys site with a very questionable reputation. CashCrate pays anywhere between 30 and 75 cents per survey. With Cash Crate, it takes a very long time to reach the minimum payout and many people complain they don’t get paid when they finally do reach the minimum pay out amount. Unfortunately, you have to spend money to get a small percentage back on what you pay. …

Reality Networkers

Reality Networkers Scam Review by David Harris “Reality Networkers”, found at, is a Multi-Level Marketing venture with many issues to look at. Most are not good ones but we’ll start with the positives. Reality Networkers is free to join as a 14 day trial, then you choose one of two upgrades. There is the $25 fee to try and get 5 referrals. Then there is the “fast track” upgrade for $150 which supposedly gets you 5 referrals for each …
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