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Work At Home Special Report

Work At Home Special Report Review by David Harris Work At Home Special Report by Emily White, Kim Swartz, Melissa Johnson, Mary Stevens or any number of other fake names is found at any one of these never-ending, rotation of fake news “ADVERTORIAL” scam websites: – Live – Live – This domain points to their corporate website. More lies. – Shut Down – Shut Down the weekly viral – – Shut Down …

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson Review by David Harris Melissa Johnson is a made-up name designed for the purpose of getting women to connect to her by the crooks that run website scams with her name utilizing the bait and switch swindle known as the link posting scam. Again, she does not exist. The story is always a fake single mother working from home. This trick of using phony stories about struggling moms who supposedly became successful by using the bogus business being …
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