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Web Colleagues

Web Colleagues Scam Review by David Harris “Web Colleagues”, by Gary Endres and found at, is a website that at first says it’s about data entry but when you look deeper you will find out it’s about something completely different. The Web Colleagues bait and switch con involves luring you in with the promise of what may seem like a real and legitimate employment opportunity to the unschooled eye. They use clever tricks like calling it Work at Home …

Paychecks Now

Paychecks Now Scam Review by David Harris “Paychecks Now”, found at, is a deceptive home business opportunity scam that uses the old ‘email processing but is really a link posting scam’ trick. The email processing scam has been around since the beginning of the internet, and before that though the postal service in days of yore. In a way, they mainly obfuscate the truth that you have to create ads for the things you write about, which in fact, …
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