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Lightyear Wireless

Lightyear Wireless Review by David Harris Lightyear Wireless is a network marketing/MLM company in the telecommunications arena, mainly concentrating on wireless phone service.  It’s parent company – Lightyear Network Solutions (formerly UniDial) is a publicly-traded company based in Kentucky. With the main company getting it’s start in 1993, “Lightyear Wireless” is one of the larger, well known telecommunication companies in the MLM arena.  There are over 1,500 YouTube videos on Lightyear Wireless  – mostly from reps trying to get you …


ACN Inc Review by David Harris ACN Inc, found at, is headquartered in North Carolina. Their business is telecommunications and real estate, but their main business is MLM. I first have to say that in my research on questionable internet companies and websites to review. It is growing increasingly difficult to find true and honest material for many of them. There are thousands and thousands of complaints, negative reviews, and negative disgruntled customer comments filling the internet about the …
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