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USI Tech

USI Tech Review by David Harris “USI Tech”, by RAK International LLC and found at, was a Multi-Level Marketing scam. It hid behind an automated trading platform that offered forex and bitcoin trading. Add the adventure of getting involved with the bitcoin trend to the lure of trading. And it can seem appealing to those newcomers wanting a piece of the new online banking methods. However, because it is an MLM venture, many are complaining that it appears to …

Internet JetSet

Internet JetSet by David Harris “Internet JetSet”, also known as “IJ”,, is owned by John Crestani, is a highly regarded affiliate marketing training course. This course is run as part of his larger company, Super Affiliate System which offers a complete scope of affiliate services and products through Clickbank. This innovative course provides approximately 8 hours of online help on technical aspects of diverse ways of effective internet marketing. These methods range from internet stores such as Amazon and eBay …

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