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Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program

Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program Review by David Harris “Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program”, by Bobbie Robinson and found at, is a terrible link posting scam. The link posting scams that point to it are of the fake mom sales gimmick variety and the fake ads posing as news articles. To the unsuspecting newcomer, they both look real and fall for it instantly due to a desperate need to work online from home with internet marketing. Some …

Auto Home Profits

Auto Home Profits Review by David Harris Auto Home Profits by Shelly Davis and found at, is another link posting scam designed to rip people off. They claim it was offered at $197 and is now $97 to join. But if you try to exit the site it will show a pop up that “discounts” the fee to $47. This is a typical ruse to get you intrigued. The fake working mom Shelly Davis is concocted to relate with …

My Home Business Mentor

My Home Business Mentor Review by David Harris “My Home Business Mentor” by Jessica Langford and found at is a duplicated web site harboring the link posting scam. It uses every trick a scam can use, including the “rags to riches story” from fake work at home mother Jessica Langford. And the stock photo that is supposed to be her. The warning signs continue with news corporation logos of CNN, NBC, etc. Posted at the top of the site …

Online Money Business News

Online Money Business News Review by David Harris “Online Money Business News”, by Deborah Lee, found at, is a fake news website selling the link posting scam. You’ll see many indications of a scam on the presentation page. Starting with the fictional working mom Deborah Lee and her likewise fake success story. She doesn’t exist in the real world. And because she’s not real she certainly isn’t “America’s Number One Home Business Consultant”. This scam redirects you to an …

Make Money Hack

Make Money Hack by David Harris Make Money Hack, found at, is the best step-by-step, most profitable home based business I’ve come across. Make Money Hack is making average people, just like you and me, a very sizable monthly income, starting the very first month in business. The biggest issue I have seen with people being successful with Internet income opportunities is the difficulty with getting quality leads that convert into sales. This program has very high quality leads …

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