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Daily Web Biz

Daily Web Biz Scam Review by David Harris “Daily Web Biz” by Cami White and found at is a link posting scam. We will show you the many red flags that make up the Daily Web Biz website scam. Including the single working mom Cami White and her story of rags to riches.       Click HERE for the #1 Free Paid Surveys – Join Free Now! All is fake on this site. Cami White, who doesn’t exist in real life, …

VIP Voice

by David Harris VIP Voice found at and a market research survey panel of NPD Online Research, is a very different kind of survey panel. Whether that’s a good thing remains to be seen. As previously stated, NPD has been at least a somewhat reputably survey panel where you get paid to take surveys. Users at one point were able to earn a little extra with them, then they switched to a different system at which many still balk. …


by David Harris MyPoints found at, is a GPT, or “get paid to” website site where you get rewards points and PayPal money by completing tasks such as paid surveys. It is free to join in the US and Canada as long as you’re over 18 years old. The tasks include doing paid surveys, browsing online for shopping, reading emails, playing games and more. They also provide the chance to earn additional points by clicking on sponsored links, watching …
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