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Paid Survey Authority

Paid Survey Authority Review by David Harris “Paid Survey Authority”, by Michelle McAllister found at, is a paid surveys site created by a well known and infamous scammer. Michelle McAllister knows there are lots of unknowing people looking to make extra money from home by taking surveys online out there to take advantage of. That is why she makes scams like Paid Survey Authority and others such as Paid Surveys Etc they’re set up for ulterior schemes.      #1 Recommended …

Get Cash for Surveys

Get Cash for Surveys Review By David Harris “Get Cash for Surveys” by Gary Mitchell and found at, is a site where you get paid to take surveys. They charge you $37 to sign up with them and claim you will make thousands weekly by doing so. This is an unfeasible claim for “Get Cash for Surveys” to make. Generally, survey sites like Get Cash for Surveys don’t usually pay out very much money for you to take the …

Cash Surveys Only

Cash Surveys Only Review by David Harris “Cash Surveys Only”, by Kim Robbins and found at, is a paid surveys website scam. In general, any site that charges you to get paid to take surveys is scamming you. That is because every one of them is only a middleman of sorts redirecting you to the real survey and market research clients’ studies you can find for free. Cash Surveys Only does not differ from them. Worse than that, you …

Classified Surveys


Survey Dollar

Survey Dollar Get Paid Survey Review by David Harris “Survey Dollar”, by Mandy Garvina and found at, is a get paid to take surveys website run as a way for companies to gather market research data to evaluate products and other things like TV shows, etc. You will find a lot of websites extolling the virtues of Survey Dollar, and they are mostly affiliate sites made to look like legitimate reviews but they really just direct you to their …



Surveys 4 Checks


Survey Absolute


Quick Paid Surveys Money

Quick Paid Surveys Money Review by David Harris Quick Paid Surveys Money found at, out of Sri Lanka, is sure to grab your attention from the start. But it just goes downhill from there. If it seems too good to be true it most likely is, as the saying goes. Quick Paid Surveys Money claims you can earn $3500 a month with them.  They claim it is a no brainer, easy and with little time needed to spend on …

Online Survey Cash

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