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Reserved Position

Reserved Position – Business Entry By David Harris Reserved Position, by Robert Arnold and found at, is an online marketing business opportunity website I will deem to be full of shenanigans right from the start. They claim you will get rich with their no effort secret formula magic system, but we’ve had experiences with so many of these scams that we can smell them a mile away on the internet highway. The first thing I noticed when researching Reserved …

Help From eFriends

Help From eFriends a Scam? “Help From eFriends” by Robert Arnold, found at, has already been submitted for review. If you would like to see a review of “Help From eFriends”, simply add your vote on it using the following link: Add Vote for “Help From eFriends“. Then click on the “Vote For Review” button. When enough votes have been accumulated, we will start the business research process and get a review of “Help From eFriends” completed a soon …
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