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Rebate Processor Jobs

Rebate Processor Jobs – Scam Reviews Rebate Processor Jobs found at and owned by Jessica Reyes (fictional character), is an urban (internet) legend a myth. Plain and simple, it is an out and out scam of typical proportions that leads you to believe you will make money by using their system. They have you pay thirty-nine dollars, hard to come by these days, in order to sign up in hopes of landing these ‘jobs’ Rebate Processor Jobs claims they …

Rebate Processor

Rebate Processor Review by David Harris “Rebate Processor”, by Debbie Teague and Andrew Gaswint and found at, is another rebate processing scam, as old as the internet, in a new package contrived to lure people looking to work from home. Rebate Processor claims that it places want ads to process rebates for their third party companies. However, they charge a fee to join, also claiming the fee is to discourage those who are not serious. Rebate Processor claims, also …
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