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High Ticket Hijack

High Ticket Hijack Review by David Harris High Ticket Hijack is from Leigh and Glynn Kosky along with Rod Beckwith and found at It is a complete online-based software which is a high ticket product sales funnel that includes everything needed to successfully run a high converting affiliate marketing business. You have a choice of using their pre-made funnels for some of the most popular, high converting, big-ticket products or you can easily and quickly create your own big-ticket …

Gold Opinions

Is Gold Opinions a Scam or Legitimate? The Internet income opportunity “Gold Opinions” found at has already been submitted for review. The review for this business is in Pending status, however… What we know now: Though we have not had a chance to fully review Gold Opinions, we have gone through the website and have seen enough to tell us that it is just a “get paid to take surveys” site that charges a $1 fee for the first …

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