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Verified Home Income

Verified Home Income Scam Review Verified Home Income by Sara Douglas and found at, is a link posting scam site with a slight twist. They are using the likeness and video of a broadcast infomercial celebrity like they do the news channel logos as if she approved of this endorsement. It’s not clear if she actually did. That they now use celebrities to appear as if they endorse Verified Home Income makes this latest con more sinister than previous …


Smart Finance Daily

Smarter Finance Daily Review by David Harris Smarter Finance Daily by Kim Swartz is found at is an ad posing as a fabricated newsletter. It redirects you to a scam we’ve previously exposed. Work At Home Institute is NOT an institute! The fake news page stars a fictional working mother they call Kim Swartz, which has been manufactured to play on peoples’ emotions for a call to action. They change up the name from time to time, sometimes using …


Paid To Place

Paid to Place Scam Review Tiger Paw Media dba Paid to Place, by Kathy Garcia, and found at, is a website that offers a work from home opportunity for placing ads online. This one, however, is replete with all kinds of warning signs that it not on the up and up in the least. The first warning sign on Paid to Place Profits is the “news” clip they threw on there. It doesn’t have one thing to do with …