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Profit From Home Academy

Profit From Home Academy Scam Review By David Harris “The Profit From Home Academy”, by Megan Jackson, and found at, is nothing but a scam. I’m just saying it from the start. In fact, Profit From Home Academy is a clone scam site in which the only thing that has changed from previous scam sites is the “owner’s” name. Since “Profit From Home Academy” is just another cookie cutter, replicated site used for its owner’s typical scams, it’s not …

Online Cash Commissions

Online Cash Commissions Scam Review By David Harris There are two Online Cash Commissions. Apparently, someone did not get the memo. The two, however, are completely identical, so maybe two scams are better than one at scammer central. Yikes. The following review applies to both copycat con jobs: Online Cash Commissions, by Sandra Miller and found at; and Online Cash Commissions, by Megan Jackson, and found at, are nothing but scams, I lament to say to those who …
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