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ClickSure Scam Review by David Harris “ClickSure” by ClickSure Payments Ltd, found at, is a payment processor for the worst internet marketing programs that even Clickbank won’t touch with a hundred foot pole. ClickSure, through guilt by association, is, therefore, a scam of epic proportions. Hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of angry victim complaints, can’t be wrong. ClickSure runs its operation out of China and Mauritius, far and safe from U/S/ prosecution, as many internet marketing scams are …

My Cash Bot

My Cash Bot Scam Review by David Harris “My Cash Bot”, by Albert Glenn and found at, is a binary options trading bot program designed to make you money in the trading world. Unfortunately there are many things wrong with it that I will explain in this article. The leading story is that My Cash Bot is under investigation by international authorities. I will understand if you stop reading right here, but wait! There’s more. Unusual amounts of complaints …
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