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Kelly Richards Finance Reports

Kelly Richards Finance Reports Scam Review by David Harris Kelly Richards Finance Reports is a fake name for website scams that use the terrible scheme we call the link posting scam. It is neither a real work from home job nor a real business opportunity that this fictional person peddles on “her” sites. The scammers that run these scams use phony stories about fictional single mothers who allegedly became successful by using their awful service, and the name Kelly Richards …

Finance Reports

Finance Reports Scam Review by David Harris Finance Reports, by Jen Frazier, sometimes Kelly Frazier, and on other clone pages by Kelly Richards or Theresa Andrews and found at,, and, rears its ugly “work from home mom” head yet again. Finance Reports is a clone scam sites. Nothing at all changed here, not even the logo this time. They rename the clone site every few months, or once the scam is blown, so they can keep …
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