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Survey Money Machine

Survey Money Machine Scam Reviews by David Harris “Survey Money Machine” is a paid survey site found at and operated supposedly by Hailey Gates in Brea, CA, with a familiar twist.       Click HERE for the #1 Free Paid Surveys – Join Free Now! It’s the old “working mom with 2 kids claims you’ll make hundreds of dollars” number. It is not a usual legitimate market research company. “Survey Money Machine” is nothing but a site that redirects you to …

Survey Money Machines

by David Harris Survey Money Machines from Hailey Gates and found at, is a survey portal website that offers a listing of their third-party clients’ survey sites. SurveyMoneyMachines does not pay you centrally from all the sites you visit and take surveys on. You have to get paid from each of those sites individually and that can be very frustrating when using a service like this. The most annoying thing is that most of these third party sites have …

Survey Recruiters

Survey Recruiters by David Harris “Survey Recruiters”, by Hailey Gates and found at, is a survey portal website for their third party market research companies that pay you to take surveys and other tasks. Survey Recruiters membership is free to join. You take third party clients’ surveys, complete offers or register with any of their partner companies. Survey Recruiters is paid by other market research firms to recruit eligible people to connect them to their panels and research surveys. …

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