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Alyssa Jensen

Alyssa Jensen Scam Review By David Harris Alyssa Jensen is a conjured up millionaire author the link posting scams often point to when the fake working mothers talk about their success with these awful fraud websites. Alyssa Jensen is used often enough to seem as if it’s a real person, but I’ve searched for a real person by that name. The only real ones I found by that name are a high school volley ball player, a recent college grad, …

NetSpend Referral Program

NetSpend Referral Program Review by David Harris “Netspend Referral Program” found at is a free referral program for the prepaid Netspend credit card system that will pay you $20 for each referral made that creates a free account and activates their new card along with paying you another $20 just for getting your own card and activating it. This offer is only available to US residents. If you’ve never made any money online before, you can start right now …
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