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Daily Cash 247

Daily Cash 247 Scam Review by David Harris Daily Cash 247, found at, is a highly questionable cash gifting scheme. They do their darnedest to convince you that this gifting service is legit but in many states in the U.S it is illegal. What is really lowdown is that Daily Cash 247 doesn’t deny the fact that it is a cash gifting company. They bank on newcomer “investors” not doing their research. Daily Cash 247 will try to entice …

The 7 Day Cash Test

The 7 Day Test – Scam Review The 7 Day Test, by Jean and Randy Jett found at, is a long running scam that is so problematic and frustrating that many unhappy customers have filed complaints about them everywhere online. This team of scammers at “The 7 Day Test” has their game pretty well figured out. They take your money, put it in an interest growing account, and in exchange give you a worthless duplicate content website that won’t …
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