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Consumers Review Journal

Consumers Review Journal Scam Review by David Harris “Consumers Review Journal”, by Kim Swartz and Karen James and found at, is a recent working mother scam that has changed the usual look of design to try and throw you off their scent. We know better. The ploy is the old link posting scam dressed in a new suit, which is also tied to their other scheme they call Paid On Vacation found at Consumers Review Journal has all …

Karen James

Karen James Scam Review by David Harris Karen James, is not a real person involved in the online marketing world, except in a fictional way on the scam Home Income Kit. Karen James Home Income Kit is only one of several scams that use the bait and switch con we call the link posting scam under her name. Here are a few others we have reviewed under this fake person’s name, Karen James: Home Income Kit Consumers Review Journal Home …
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