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Computer Elite

Computer Elite Scam Review by David Harris Computer Elite is a work from home link posting job scam and is from the fictitious Peggy Jensen. This scam is found at and is one of the most pervasive on the internet. The listed owner of this scam is Digital Resources, LLC. Digital Resources has an F rating with the BBB. The site shows the full scam name to be “The Computer Elite System”. Scams such as these stem from the …

Top 3 Work At Home Jobs Reviewed

Top 3 Work At Home Jobs Reviewed Review by David Harris | Updated on March 3, 2022, at 9:27 AM: Top 3 Work At Home Jobs Reviewed and Top Jobs Reviewed, by fictitious Sarah Johnson is found at It is actually a fake news review site for 3 of the worst link posting jobs run by scammers. The page is entitled “Best Way To Make Money At Home in 2022”. [ ScamXposer’s Top Recommended Business, Click Here For Details …
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