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Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program

Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program by David Harris “Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program”, by Bobbie Robinson and found at, is a terrible link posting scam that most of the other link posting scams point to. The link posting scams that point to it are of the fake mom sales gimmick variety and the fake ads posing as news articles. To the unsuspecting newcomer they both look real and fall for it instantly due to a desperate need …


by David Harris GetMyAds by Frank Hanson and found at, is basically a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes are illegal in the U.S. Scammers to have a way of trying to get around that. It has many negative points. For one, the owner used a fake name, Morgan Lewis, on his own Facebook page, which he later changed, so it can be looked at also as a Facebook scam. Not to mention he got over 2,000 friends there in less …

Extreme Home Paycheck

Extreme Home Paycheck Review by David Harris “Extreme Home Paycheck” also known as “Mick Moore’s Extreme Home Paycheck”, by Mick Moore and found at, is a rip off website that perpetrates a swindle called the link posting scam that preys on those who wish to work online from home. The fictitious representative on the sales page, Mick Moore, was made up to get you interested in their phony tale of how he became prosperous using this terrible system. Everything …

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