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Secure Job Position

Secure Job Position Review by David Harris “Secure Job Position”, by Kelly Simmons and found at and, is a link posting scam site. It is so full of red flags and outright lies that you’ll be scratching your head as to how the internet keeps letting them get away with it. The lies begin with the website’s name. It is neither secure nor a job position. Nor will anyone ever make money with this scam. Every site like …

Learning Advantage

Learning Advantage Review by David Harris Learning Advantage is another work from home “link posting job” scam and is from the fictitious “Abby Carey”. This scam is found at and is one of the most pervasive on the internet. The site shows the full scam name to be “The Learning Advantage System”. These scams stem from the website “” with the title of “Top 3 Work At Home Jobs Reviewed” and a fictitious author named “Sarah Johnson”. All content, …
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