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Fruta Vida

Fruta Vida Review Fruta Vida, also known as Pro Image, by Tony Shaw and found at, is a multi-level marketing company with a line of nutritional juice drinks. While the product may be tasty and people seem to enjoy consuming it, the business model is difficult, at best, to make money with. We will forgo the early troubles of infighting among the top founders and rumors of the owner’s changes in the compensation plan in his favor from time …

The Elevation Group

The Elevation Group Review by David Harris The Elevation Group, oftentimes called EVG, is a global membership site that is another brainchild of highly successful Internet marketer and entrepreneur Brian Fouts.  Brian Fouts is an American investor, entrepreneur, and self-professed champion of the middle class. Before that, he was a construction worker. After he was wiped out by the market crash of 2009, he went on a mission of tracking down the most powerful people in the world to discover …
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