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Business at Home Lifestyle

Business at Home Lifestyle Review by David Harris Business at Home Lifestyle by Amy Jensen or Alissa Jensen and found at, is a scam known as link posting. Business At Home Lifestyle is a misleading business name designed to draw those trying to make money online from home. There not only is no business at home to be made here, only empty promises and a redirect to another scam presentation. MyMillionaireMentor which ultimately takes you to one of the …

Point and Click Profit

Point and Click Profit Review by David Harris “Point and Click Profit” also goes by the name Online Suppliers Club and The Suppliers Club and now redirects you to the latest scam,, by Amy Jensen. She is sometimes known as/or goes by Alissa Jensen) and found at This is another link posting scam with a misleading business name designed to draw those desperate in search of easy money. In this case, there not only is no easy money …
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