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Survey Downline

Survey Downline by David Harris “Survey Downline”, by Precision Sample, LLC, and found at, is a combination of Multi-Level Marketing and Paid Surveys Panel. This is that rarest of opportunities where I get to review a combination of things I usually never recommend all in one company so let me get to it. First, even though survey panels hardly ever make you much money at all, MLM is even tougher to engage in. That is because the average failure …

Cloaklinks Email Processing

Cloaklinks Email Processing Review By David Harris “Cloaklinks Email Processing”, found at is an email processing home business scam that fraudulently boasts $25 per email processed. This is just a new take on the old email processing scam that charges you $25 for nothing in return. And they offer no refunds, so it’s like throwing away good money. We call Cloaklinks Email Processing a scam due to having to pay so much money to be a member. I would …

Secure Job Position

Secure Job Position Review by David Harris “Secure Job Position”, by Kelly Simmons and found at and, is a link posting scam site. It is so full of red flags and outright lies that you’ll be scratching your head as to how the internet keeps letting them get away with it. The lies begin with the website’s name. It is neither secure nor a job position. Nor will anyone ever make money with this scam. Every site like …
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