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Work At Home Institute Scam Reviews

By David Harris

Work At Home Institute, by Bobbie Robinson and found at, is a recent addition as one of many of the online ‘training course’ for “work from home” scams you see everywhere online.

We review and expose them as soon as we find them, and this scam is no different.

Work At Home Institute changes the name of the fake mom Bobbie Robinson although we’ve seen the same stock photo on many of these clone sites, so that right there tells you something.

I do want to bring up Patricia Feeney, the woman interviewed on the fake news clip.

Through research I discovered that her interview was from a completely different source which the scammers edited to make it seem like its part of the fabricated news clip they always place on these scam sites.

Feeney herself wrote that she in no way endorses any of these scams. As outraged as Patricia is, it’s impossible for her to go after these scammers.

There are so many sites they put up that include the fake clip, for her to spend the time and resources it takes to bring them down.

In her defense we understand her frustration and can say the scammers used her story and likeness without her authorization.

Now, on to Work At Home Institute and their perpetration to steal your money, and the methods they use to do it.

First, they claim you can make a lot of money taking only an hour a day without need of computer and internet experience or skills.

However, they fail to explain what you would be doing to make that. That’s because the reality is altogether different, and it’s more like a bait and switch con.

It’s near impossible to make anything substantial placing ads through the link posting method offers to teach in their program.

So once you realize it you try to get your money back and instead, they work with all their might to upsell you to a better program, business coaches, etc. Anything they can to get more of your money for nothing.

Work At Home Institute salespeople are so good at it, that we get letters from people who have been cheated by them to the tune of tens of thousands in the worst cases.

Their fine print says in so many words that you definitely won’t get your money back, not even the fee of $97.00 to register.

Try and leave the landing page and the pop up window discount goes as far down as $49, and it still is not a bargain.

Just so you know, Work At Home Institute is not an institute of learning of any kind. There Are no diplomas, certificates issued nor is this scam site accredited as an institute.

Beware of trcky titles like Weath Development certification, search engine agent program and other nonsense that may look impressive to the untrained eye but mean absolutely nothing.

It’s just another ploy to convince you that Work At Home Institute could be the up and up. Don’t be fooled. It’s as scammy as they get.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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I signed up up for the course at WAH Institute, I got a 100$ discount, only had to pay 97 $… I could do an upgrade for only 95 $ so I had an exclusive Advanced 2.0 program , and could log in for the VIP only products ! So I did that too. Then I had to make a phone call with a startup specialist 1-800-498-9670, but I didn’t do that right away, because I first wanted to explore all the stuff I just downloaded from them, wich were video tutorials, and I didn’t understand anything. They called me up to make an appointment with a coach. We made the appointment and they called us Friday October 25, 2013 at 6.30 pm. First person on the phone had some questions for us, like if we were married, wich degree we have, if we have kids, what our monthly income is, if we have any computer experience , if we ever tried working from home, how much time we want to spend,… Then he had some things for us, like we have to be open minded, have to have 100% commitment! being teachable and we could get with working with them make between 3000 and 5000 $ a month. Then he redirected us to a director of the company. But because they were doing a remodel , or work at their business , he had to hang up and the director would call us back in a minute. So we wait a couple minutes and he calls us back, his name is Brian Rush, he gives us his personal phone number 973-295-5982. He tells us we have to work 10 to 15 hours a week to earn about 8000 to 10 000 $ a month. And in 6 months we would already be able to do so, if we do what they say, if we are teachable and spend time.they will help set up our website, but we have to invest, and as soon as possible, because it’s almost holiday season , and that’s a very busy time on the Internet , so the sooner we start the more money we make. He gives us 2 options, investing 8,997 $, and then it will take 2 to 3 months to get everything running or we could invest 12,997 $ and they would make our website for us, and things would be running in 2 -3 weeks. We have to make 1 coaching appointment / week and make 1 assignment /week….
We did ask some questions to what we had to do, and he said that everything would be explained in those coaching appointment. He wanted us to decide right that moment. My husband and I said that we have to think about it, and he gave us time till Wednesday .
We are not gonna invest in them ! Already spend 200 $ , wich I probably never gonna get back. My husband did some searches on Brian Rush, but wasn’t able to find anything…
So please be aware, don’t do this. Don’t be so naive as I was .

I have done my research and found out the ending place for all these transactions do lead to a paypal account and then it seems it gets strained out like noodles.

Also this account I have noticed is linked to few other similar sites as this.

Contact your credit card company and tell them that you mistakenly
made a purchase with a company you later found to be a scam.

Ask them what you can do in this case.

I have had my bank do a charge back in the past that ended
up not costing me because they also concluded that is was
a known scam company.

Worst case scenario you will have to cancel the credit card
and request a replacement.

– David

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I was SECONDS AWAY from registering for WORK AT HOME INSTITUTE for $97 and thought let me Google this and see if anything comes up. $97 is a million dollars to me right now and THANK GOD I DIDN’T WASTE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you soooo much!!
-Cynthia Lucchetta

I thought this was interesting because I found this WORK AT HOME INSTITUTE advertised on Forbes magazine. I was skeptical because the numbers seemed to be to outrageous. I personally would never have signed up for this but thought it was interesting how it was on Forbes magazine. Does anyone know why they would advertise this there?

Thank God for my husband, that insisted on checking them out before I can buy it. He came back to be right when he showed me all these things written by people, I was convinced otherwise I would have secretly go back to buy it thinking if am not pleased I can get my money back. So for all people out there very desperate don’t let their popping up discount get you to give in, they are sophisticated thief.

Thanks for the information. I was almost hooked but the lost of power of the connection when I asked how long does it take to get started and how long until I will get paid after I send the money. And what guarantee will I get that my money will be returned if I don’t get any results. I then decided that I needed to check and see what the net had to say and so thanks for the reporting. You’ve saved me a bunch.

Whether it’s WAH Institute, or the one my wife gave $97.00 to, “Home Job Institute”…They are all looking for people who are stupid, or just un-informed. During our 1st “training call” after he had asked all the personal/financial questions, he said..”Now I haven’t asked you anything that could hurt you, have I”…I simply replied “So, where are you calling from..what State?…This guy (“Kelly”) explodes and says, “Hey! I’m asking the questions…NOT YOU!” It went down-hill from there, and he finally shouted at me “When I’m done with this call, we’ll laugh at what a joke you are!..ENJOY YOUR MISERABLE LIFE!!!”…I called the numbers on the Home Page and was told that that they were a “third-party and couldn’t do anything about a “Money-Back” guarantee…He put me on to a “Customer-Service” number that got me to the voice- mail for someone named “Tracy”. All along the way, I told these people that I had done this kind of work in the past, and that I was familiar with routine from top to bottom…A couple of people that I did get to speak to live, laughed, and thought that I was really funny….When one of the people slipped up and mentioned Utah, I told them that I was going to call the FBI…Within minutes, the guy who had no answers, suddenly was able to refund the $97.00, and that it would take 3 days,,,,we’ll see…I have filed a complaint with the FBI….everyone who has paid money to these criminals should do the same.

THANK YOU!!!!! I seconds away from going through with this plan, but had a funny feeling a started looking up scams. Your comments came up. I honestly thank you.

Thankyou for saving me 97 dollars I really did not have to spend I really want to find a real work at home site

Ok I’ve done my research, the bobby robinsons course sounds a lot like a company that scamed me a few years back called mustang marketing with coaching, upselling to better progress. I initially paid 50 bucks and when it was all said and done lost over 6000.00. I was nieve and desperate. However, I got my money back. I had to send supplies back via certified letter once you have receipt that it was indeed returned, then I sent the recept to and talked to BBB they forwarded it to inspector general in Florida and had class action against company got money back and company was shut down, or operates under new name. Like I said this is almost exactly the same program. Now I always check with bbb and remember you should never have to pay to be able to work, if it’s legitimate and company want you to work for them, they pay for the training and provide material. Hope this was helpful

amber Lovins on :

Hi I received an email from the Work At Home Institute website and was getting a little convinced that if wasn’t a scam, but I talked to my mother and she sent me the link to this and I just wanted to say thank you for saving me from getting into something like that.

WOW!!! I’m so thankful for this information David. It helps to have people like you do this kind of research in depth. Yesterday I decided to fill out their little application, no money paid yet but I wanted to see if someone would really call me back. Finally someone did, guess where this someone called from, India as in the country of India. Yes I understand they have this scam globally but that was the BIGGEST red flag for me. So I laughed and told him that don’t ever call me back. It’s unbelievable the measures these sick people go through. I know we get sucked in especially us who are stay at home parents but then to get taken like this, it’s so WRONG. I’m so glad Just Honest went as far as the FBI…wow your awesome and amazing. And then they were outrageously RUDE to you as if you inconvenience them yet they’re the ones stealing from you…just wow, unbelievable. David, what is your group doing, other than putting forth this awareness to get these scammers…all of them. Again THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!

thank you david for all the info for this site I was really close to doing it then I had a feeling that I needed to check it out. you havr really saved me from making the worst mistake of my life that I could not of undone. Thanks so much.

thank you for saving me alot of time and stress…the refund policy almost made me take the bait

Yes…you have to be so careful with anything over the internet these days. Always have to research it first, most of these scammers are operating out of the country. So just be careful!


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