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Real Translator Jobs

Overall Rating: SCAM
Type of Business: Freelance Translation Work
Skill Level Needed: Certification and 3 years experience
Income Potential: N/A
Recommended: No/Scam

Real Translator Jobs Scam Review

by David Harris

Real Translator Jobs“, found at, is a website that ideally should serve as a go between with their database of companies in need of people looking for work as freelance translators.

However, there are many customer complaints with “Real Translator Jobs” about problems with this service that will be addressed here. For starters, their claim of making up to $500 a day with Real Translator Jobs is highly unlikely.

Another red flag is that any company that charges you a fee so that you may work for them is just not right, especially when all they provide is a list of third party companies that you have to approach for work as you wouldn’t be working for them directly anyway.

There are numerous grievances with the refund policy as well, but initially you pay through Clickbank, so it’s best to only deal with them instead. Clickbank is a reputable payment processor for downloadable type products that we’ve never had a problem with.

Real Translator Jobs will never respond to any complaints at all, which is another red flag, but is to be expected with companies like this.

Many freelance translator companies that ‘Real Translator Jobs’ lists are already on the internet and you can find them without having to pay a fee first. Authentic translators’ forums and sites do not consider this site in the least bit reputable.

‘Real Translator Jobs’ fails to post important information on the first pages of their site. For example most companies you will apply to require proof that you’re a certified translator and have a minimum of 3 to 4 years experience.

If you do happen to join Real Translator Jobs, they will spam you further with offers like a “free” website, which you actually have to pay for, and other useless or outdated junk to make it appear as though you are at least getting some type of value for what you paid them.

Be careful not to sign up for any of those offers as Real Translator Jobs will bill you automatically.

The biggest objection many customers report with Real Translator Jobs is that getting hired by any companies you apply to is near to impossible, so you are paying “Real Translator Jobs” a fee for an over-hyped service that doesn’t work in the first place.

Just don’t get involved with this scam at all; and if you are a translator, you can do so much better for yourself than “Real Translator Jobs” would ever do.

I do not recommend “Real Translator Jobs”.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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23 Comments/Reviews

Karel translation on :

Yah, heard lots of negative comments on them in variuos forums. I’ve been translating for the past 20+ years and love the freedom of taking my job anywhere. The best way I found to enter this industry is by approaching as many translation agencies as possible. But always make sure the company pays before doing anything for them.

And there are websites that encourage people to join this SCAM job, such as this one

Thanks for your comment. I nearly fall into the trap after reading the website at CrayNews.

Buddies, think wisely before pressing the sign button.

Thank you from review, David.
I almost trap and had a bad feeling that i have to pay some money..
Thanks :)

Thank God I read your review. I have been receiving offers from Real Translator Jobs almost daily and have decided to join today. It would have been a painful and expensive experience.

khairil0760 on :

I almost fall into the trap. Luckily, the alarm inside me remind me to be careful and try to find the truth about it. I find this website and wuih… Thank you.

THANK YOU a million. Not only did you save me $29.95 (a “family and friends discount” on the offer of $39,95 from a few days ago, but also of teaching me again (and again, I need a lot of everything) that I can trust my “new” feelings.

I almost walked into a trap. Thank you for such honest reviews. In line with this, where can I find legit translating companies?

LOL at all the English comments with horrible grammar. Don’t even bother signing up for a translating job which involves English; be it fake or legit. :P

thank God i researched before registering in that site.. might flood my inbox. can i just ask is there really existing agencies that hires someone just to translate documents ?

Thank you for this info.
I’m almost registering with real translator jobs and started to believe them, until I found your article.
Thank you so much..


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