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Performance Revenue Source

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Performance Revenue Source Scam Review

by David Harris

“Performance Revenue Source” found at, is one of the many link posting scam sites that never quit popping up.

Performance Revenue Source is no different than the others you see all over the internet. There is nothing on the site that will tell you what you’re paying for or what it is you would be doing to earn all that money they claim you can make.

About the only thing different in Performance Revenue Source is that there is no usual fictional work at home single mother with a made up name no stock photo no imaginary story depicting the woman’s supposed success from using this product and no fake check.

They make no excuses to the fact that it’s a straight up scam. So they take you right to the buy page without any frills to entice you. The initial price is $1.95 but if you don’t cancel, then Performance Revenue Source will start charging you $30 bucks a month for nothing in return, and more in hidden fees.

Pay close attention to the disclaimer page and you will see that the little you do see stated on Performance Revenue Source contradicts the actual truth that the lawyers drew up to try and keep them out of trouble.

Look at the social media logos on the top of the page. They don’t highlight to click anywhere. A usual trick by scams like Performance Revenue Source put up there in hopes you think it’s legitimate.

Performance Revenue Source is, at the center of the scam about posting links to ads, or link posting, which is a bit more involved than it claims at the top of the first page, and the returns, if any, are small.

They manage to leave out a considerable amount of information before you sign up. In fact, they don’t even talk about how much revenue you can allegedly make, or won’t make as is the case here.

Once you give Performance Revenue Source your personal data the river of spam floods your email, and the nonstop calls keep on coming from the persistent sales team that will do everything in their power to get you to spend thousands more than you intended to waste.

Some people have been taken for tens of thousands of dollars by aggressive boiler room sales people upselling them to useless coaching programs. Worse, getting your money back from these crooks will not happen.

Ignore the two lame fake “comments” next to the stock images because Performance Revenue Source is a scam, plain and simple. This site is put up as soon as the other scam sites are exposed.

We will keep exposing them for as long as it takes. I couldn’t be clearer when I say to avoid Performance Revenue Source.

Since this scam, Performance Revenue Source, doesn’t say what you’ll be doing, you might wonder why anybody but desperate fools would jump at a dodgy risk like this.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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Venice Diaz on :

Thank you kindly for that information. I was on facebook and they had Performance Revenue advertised. I signed up with them yesterday and then the link to your website was actually posted in one of Performance Revenue’s photos.
Could you please advise how the heck do I cancel with them?

So glad I found this, thank you so much.

There is no way to cancel with them as they are a scam. Get with your credit card company for advice on whether or not you need to get a new replacement card.

A friend sent me through some information (she has signed up) that she had received. The site name is hidden in the info she has got. But what was really interesting was that going through her account information there was an “earnings” tab which linked through to Amazon Affiliates in America, she is told to log into her amazon account using amazon logins and then she will be able to see her earnings in the top right hand corner of the webpage. Well she hasn’t got that far with the scam yet, they are helping her set up a ‘webpage’ and already charging for hosting. She has paid the initial $1.95 and two other amounts around $30 in one month. I can’t find much information on this scam on the web, particularly not the amazon link and would be interested if anyone else has come across this.

Just got a call from them this morning ….told them I was sick today and couldnt do this right now …she said I could put her on hold while I get my credit card…..and she would let me try this program for 5 days and then if I wasnt completely satisfied I could cancel ….yeah I thought and then what……when I want to cancelI wont be able to get ahold of anyone…..she kept pushing me for my credit card…..she wouldnt take no for an answer…..I even said to her I am worried about being scammed…told her we had been scammed not that long ago and I wasnt comfortable giving her my credit card…..she just wouldn’t listen… I just hung up on her…..hopefully thet dont keep calling me back cuz I’ll keep hanging up or block the number

A total scam, you set up a website and they then try to sell you training, and there is no Amazon affiliate program linked to this. Change your credit card to stop any more payments.


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