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Online Profit Stream

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Online Profit Stream Scam Review

by David Harris

“Online Profit Stream”, by Cindy Carter and found at, sourced from is yet another online scam placing the stock slogan, “work from home opportunities have been featured on…”, along with the news channel logos underneath, is supposed make you think they were featured on the news in an effort to establish credibility.

Online Profit Stream Income one is pretty much a replicated website scam. The only slight exception is the endorser’s name, “Cindy Carter”. They never actually took the time to change the stock photo of her this time around.

This brings up the landing page. At the top is a fake photo of the fictional author/working mother. The funny thing is that the real author Cindy Carter is a translator of Chinese books and looks nothing like the photo in the Online Profit Stream website.

The photo inside the site looks different than the one on the previous page, but is exactly the same as many other scams just like ‘Online Profit Stream’.

While none of these things are not exactly strong indictments, Online Profit Stream lets you know there is a level of arrogance in the way the rip off sites are blatantly throwing these identical sites up as soon as watchdog review sites like our take them down.

It also begs the question, why are the FTC and Google letting sites like Online Profit Stream loose upon unsuspecting people desperate to make money?

It is highly likely that an international issue prevents them from going after criminals from other countries who perpetrate these link posting scams, many of which stem from Russia.

It’s also because scams like Online Profit Stream pop up so often that they are hard to track down in a vast sea of these “make money from home” schemes. That’s why we are here.

Like so many other scammers, Online Profit Stream uses the old news channel logos placed on the website and ads to give the suggestion that they’ve received airtime.

You must read carefully, as the wording is prone to be confusing. To add to the confusion, slogans like “America’s number one home business expert”, trick phrases such as “Wealth Development Certification Program” and lofty sounding titles like “Search Engine Agent” are thrown around to impress newcomers.

Above the news emblems, “Online Profit Stream” claims that you may have seen businesses like this one on those channels. This type of deceptive tactic is designed to part people from their money works and more often than not, so it’s a lucrative con.

Once inside I saw that Online Profit Stream’s content/template is designed exactly like all the others that they have used in the past. They don’t even bother to change the standard intro video from one site to the next.

They did not change the always present fake income check and calculator that shows how much money you would make, this one has the official looking “back office dashboard” income totals to give the idea that you will be raking the money in just like that with Online Profit Stream.

The usual suspects are the company shill comments with lots of positive things to say about this “great opportunity”. They always come with stock picture frame photos next to their phony names.

Beware the bogus ‘free one-on-one consultation with a success adviser’. It’s nothing more than their way of upselling you to more useless scams and to drain your bank account.

Within the next few weeks, as usually happens with these types of scams, the complaints will be rolling in about Online Profit Stream. Count yourself fortunate that you are reading this now to avoid this one.

Also, anchor text found pointing to this site: “Angela Bussio’s Online Profit Stream Course”.

I do not recommend “Online Profit Stream”.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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Thank you thank you thank you for this information. I was going to try this but wanted to do my research first. Once again Thank you!

Thanks for the info on this online profit stream. Funny thing it won’t let me leave my comment on its web page

Please do not try Online Profit Stream as David said above it is a scam and i found out the hard way.

Thank you so much for freely giving this information. I am desperate to find something to increase my income and am unable to work a 9-5 job. I totally appreciate you taking the time to write this review and keep these money hungry people out of my credit card. Blessings, Sharon

David Thank you so much for this info online profit stream, I almost tried this because my financial. it was very get my interest, but I kind of fear its might be scam however, the local channels were my promise opportunity, unfortunately I still wanted to do some research that’s why I found your information about this work from home scam. the thing was I noticed that it won’t let me leave the page and keep given the discount but after I read your info I got back the that webpage it just not asked me to stay on the page anymore which was make sense why. thank you again

siteadmin on :

Online Profit Stream will not refund your money. The only chance you have is to notify your bank and tell them that you were defrauded and to reverse the charges. At the very least you need to call up your credit card company/bank and tell them what happened and see what they can do to help.

Anthony Arnone on :

I do believe that this is a scam, when they called me some salesman on the phone came on and gave a lot os stats on what COULD happen. I am a 23 year old man who just was laid off for his job. so when he said i could be making more money just by sitting home, a red flag popped up in my mind. Then after he said he LONG drawn out sales pitch he said i would need to put up another $500. At this point i know that they have only one thing in mind. To separate me from my money! After I said i could not put up that kinda money on a chance. He said to me “Well I dont know what to say i mean i have a couple people here that are younger then you makeing more money then you have ever made as a computer programmer. and they did not even Go to college. but then you cant even program an ipod let alone a computer. good luck good bye”

After He made fun of me for going to college and for being a computer programmer I wanted an apology! You cant make fun of someone for who they are! so i decided to get a hold of his supervisor, after over an HOUR of jumping through hoops and what not trying to get a hold of this guys boss. i do and i told him what happened. he brushed it off. As to tell me that they treat anyone who does not give them money like slime!

If this is not a scame and you have made money off this then good for you. Everyone else who is thinking of trying this. DONT! it is not worth the trouble if you want someone to make fun of you because you are down on your luck. Dont pay them to do it.

last thing i want to say, if you just skimmed through this and jumped down here remember this. “If it is too good to be true, then it probably is!

Julie Hornsby on :

Online Profit Stream is a SCAM…. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!

Also, they sell your name and number to many other companies. I now receive between 6 to 10 calls a day 7 days a week.

Lavender Tim on :

Thank you David. I appreciate you taking the time to warn all of us. This scam is not worth our time and money.
Stay away !!!

I was seriously thinking about trying this out. I figure, it’s been featured on the news and all these comments say that it’s good. so I figured why not? but then as I listening to the video, not once did the news woman say the company by name. she did not say “online profit stream”. Then to make matter’s worse. the closing statement from Mrs. Stevens was “search for the opportunity” or something like that. again not mentioning the company by name and actually telling the audience to get out there, go to this website and apply and start making money. so that’s one thing that I thought was weird!!!!
Also all the lovely comments about the company. I mean I know that there is no company that makes every single person happy. I mean if it’s not the technology it would be a person. someone or something, big or small that they were just not happy with. but all of these people were over the moon about this site and that they were making money. one other thing that stood out to me was the fact that they didn’t advertise large amounts of income. they were more modest than other online profit websites.
But all in all I am very happy that I did some research before entering my information with them and that this website that we are on did more research than I would do and was able to give me helpful information that saved me from making a major mistake!!!!
BTW the comments from real people helped with that too!
Thank you all!!!! And I truly hope that you find something that worked out for you guys!!!

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Unfortunately there are not really an easy jobs to make a good paycheck.

Can’t be done. They will sell and resell your information over and over again. This is why we post the warnings here.

Unfortunately the only thing you can do is change your phone number. Short of that, you will just have to deal with their solicitations.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. Thanks for posting this to warn people of it being a scam. The address on the check doesn’t even exist. It’s always a good reminder for people to do research before they jump into something or make an important decision to invest or try something. It is sad that people are dishonest & try to scam people so THEY can make money off of an innocent and/or honest person.


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