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Online Cash Commissions

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Online Cash Commissions Scam Review

By David Harris

There are two Online Cash Commissions. Apparently, someone did not get the memo. The two, however, are completely identical, so maybe two scams are better than one at scammer central.


The following review applies to both copycat con jobs:

Online Cash Commissions, by Sandra Miller and found at;
and Online Cash Commissions, by Megan Jackson, and found at, are nothing but scams, I lament to say to those who have been searching in hopes of a decent job or business opportunity.

Online Cash Commissions is a clone scam site in which nothing has changed from previous scam sites of the like, even the “owner’s” name.

The original scam was called Profit From Home and if you look at the top title of the page, it still has “Profit From Home” there (as of this writing), so they care very little about hiding the fact that they swap one for another very quickly.

Online Cash Commissions is just another cookie cutter site designed by its owners as a way to siphon hard earned money from good people with a dream of earning a living online.

It’s not difficult to spot scams like this.

There are so many red flags that once you understand how to recognize them, it’ll be very easy to spot them.

Starting with the top of the page, the legitimate news logos which have nothing to do with “Online Cash Commissions” or any of its scummy predecessors.

For goodness sake, any business that tells you that you can make almost $400 a day for an hour’s worth of work is a skeptic’s delight. Read on to confirm your suspicions.

I mean really, if no one would ever pay you $400 an hour to work for them OFF the Internet, why in the world would you think that you can earn that ON the Internet?

It just doesn’t make any sense, yet some people tend to ignore the most obvious warning signs anyway.

Online Cash Commissions shows you an earnings chart that would otherwise be hilarious if it wasn’t there to deceive you.

Take notice, at the top of the chart, the statement which shows you making $117,000.00 per year!

Why, you may ask, is the whole world not doing this? It’s a con game, that’s why. Nearly all experts in the online marketing industry know this little bait and switch job, and know full well to ignore it and move on.

The scammers who run ‘Online Cash Commissions’ are the only ones who will profit by swindling unsuspecting newcomers to the world of online marketing.

Here are some of the other red flags in Online Cash Commissions.

Besides the news logos placed there for no reason other than to appear legitimate, there is the fictional story of “Megan Jackson”, a made up character for this terrible fantasy.

The photo next to her is also faked, taken from a generic stock image website. The testimonials, too, are cooked up with their share of stock images.

None of the “Security Verified”, “Privacy Verified”, and “Business Verified” “Trust Guard” logos on the “Online Cash Commissions” buy page are real or even clickable. Just try to click on any them, none of them will work.

The same can be said of the TRUSTe, VeriSign, and McAfee Secure logos – they are inactive as well and are only there to build fake credibility, just like the news logos.

Beware the lofty sounding made up job titles like “Search Engine Agent Programs” or “Wealth Development Center”.

It’s all complete nonsense!

The most heinous of Online Cash Commissions’s criminal activities is the aggressive sales floor that works very hard to talk you into wasting thousands more of your hard earned money.

They get you to pay for ineffectual “business coaching” programs and other junk. Some of our readers tell us they were robbed to the tune of tens of thousands.

If this “Online Cash Commissions” article still doesn’t convince you then, by all means, go ahead and try it. Then feel free to message us of how Online Cash Commissions took thousands of dollars from you too, but we’d rather you don’t.

Leave both Online Cash Commissions scams as if they’re road-kill by the side of the road or it might just end up being you there.

I do not recommend “Online Cash Commissions“…. either of them.

Thanks for reading.

- David


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Thank you for your article. I’m looking for a work at home job and this sounded too good to be true. I checked around and found your review. Thank you for saving me money and time!

thank you for the great information I almost fall for it, but thanks to you they did not steal my money, that i am barely making, is sad how people want to steal from poor and jobless people, god will strike them down because he doesn’t like ugly. It sounded too good to be true and plus they are not in the BBB.

WOW!!! I almost fell for it too. Thankfully I did some research and came across this. Yeah it sounded too good to be true. They make it sound so easy. I emailed using the email I received and asked some questions, but if you notice, the email headline says “no reply” that’s one BIG RED FLAG. The thing is you can’t speak directly to anyone. So yeah BIG SCAM!!!!!

Ok I did fall for it. I paid for this and cannot get help now. How do I get my money back?

I’ve been searching for a way to make extra money online and have ran across so many of these scam sites I really can’t believe it. Hard to believe this is an illegal practice to have these sites on the internet, who is the law enforcement agency responsible for prosecution of these crooks, are they all just getting away with it? There must be a trail from the money people have been robbed, seems to me if whichever agency is responsible for arresting these crooks would do their job and have some of those responsible put behind bars maybe just maybe there would be a little more awareness before people lose their hard earned money. Personally I want answers as to why I never hear of any prosecutions for this supposed illegal practice of scamming people by getting their hopes up to get out of a nightmare of no income. I’m in that category and if I had not done the research I would have fallen for it. How about somebody does their job and prosecute these crooks! Mad as hell and sick of constantly seeing the government worker attitude of not having to do their jobs. That’s fine I can vote them out of work as well !

I wish someone warned me about online cash commission, I was desperate and needed a fast way to make money using out my only $97.00 dollars that would’ve come in handy for school loans, I got scam and feel so betrayed and stupid, I call the number occ gave to me for customer services but not even the teller know how to use the website to help me, thank you occ for nothing.

Get with your CC company and tell them that this happened. These scammers will likely try charging your card again and again.

HORRIBLE. They use something called “Other People Money” when they try to make it look like you’ll make money to be able to pay credit card loans back so you’re not using your own money but if no money is made you’re out THOUSANDS. They will call from multiple numbers
714-551-6901 (Mary in Orange County CA)
435-256-6109 (Mark in Utah)
I advise to have your bank put a STOP PAYMENT on them if you got hooked like me before it’s too late.


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