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Internet Profit

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Internet Profit – Scam Review

by David Harris

“Internet Profit”, by Heather Smith and found at and, is a new variation of the link posting scam.

By variation, we mean it’s actually the same as all these other fake mom story scam sites, yet, this site uses 2 site links with a small change.

The first link we’ve provided shows a story about fictional Heather Smith with a generic stock photo fit next to the first paragraph to make you thing this woman is real.

The second Internet Profit link has no fake mom telling “her story” but they did place a different stock photo next to the story omitting the usual phony working mother.

The reason this is explained is that both links use the very same business logo at the top, which begs the question – which would be the real site?

The answer, of course, is neither – and frighteningly both. Both are the same scam with different URL links and slightly different.

Both use the news networks’ logos highjacked and not endorsed by them for these shenanigans in any way shape or form.

The only reason they don’t go after them is that the minute one is taken down, another one pops up just as fast and no budget is allocated to bring them down because of this.

We, and other fellow scam watchdogs, do everything in our capabilities to blow their covers.

We also appreciate our readers who enter business submissions when they find rip offs like these before we do.

This helps us get the story out hopefully before anyone throws their money away on these scams. Please keep them coming!

Internet Profit says you will make huge money by link advertisement posting on websites that offer the space to do so.

What they don’t mention is that this kind of work takes way more skills and experience than they advertise, including more than an hour a day they promise you only have to do.

Even with all that work you still won’t come close to making the money they claim you would make, primarily because their system is an out of date way of doing it.

At 97 dollars to join, unless you play their pop up discount game down to $47, if you try to get your money back from Internet Profit, it will be on the far side of impossible.

In fact, the thing people complain about the most is how Internet Profit and its clones charge your account unauthorized fees without your knowledge after you gave them your bank card info.

Yet the grift on you is the hardcore aggressively slick boiler room sales floor pros working their tricks to get you buying more expensive useless business coaching systems that do nothing but empty your coffers.

Internet Profit is a con game you should definitely not sign up for. The scammer running it are the only ones making those tons of money they say you would be earning.

Incidentally, the testimonials are not only fake, but the government had already said it’s fraud and not to use them, yet they keep on doing it anyway.

If notice the stock photos of mansions and yachts you should know it’s a ploy as well.

Stay away from Internet Profit. It’s a scam.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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